Industry Light and Grip is a location truck company, servicing your production's lighting and grip needs. Our trucks come packed with function specific carts, so you stay organized and mobile with easy access to all your equipment. Our drivers are set lighting technicians who work in the field, so you don't lose manpower on a driver.



The 1 ton package is geared for tight spaces and a low profile. Geared with Backstage Mini Carts, you get quality and function in a reduced footprint. These carts are designed to fit in smaller elevators, and round tighter corners. Consider the 1 ton for your Interview setups, industrial videos, documentary style shoots and run and gun situations. 

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Our 3 ton package is the perfect balance between speed and capability. Suitable for small or medium sized commercials, the 3 Ton offers standard distro, rigging and grip solutions for the challenges we face every day on set. Geared with full size carts and a large jockey box, the 3 Ton will get the job done. Choose your heads and get ready to roll!

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 The 5 ton is our flagship vehicle. At 24' of box space, this truck can handle the larger jobs. Stocked with plenty of cart options and more jockey box space, this truck handles your longer cable runs, your larger heads, and multiple shooting locations with ease. 

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